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VA TDIU Lawyer Virginia

If a disability developed due to a service-connected incident, then that veteran deserves payment for how their life and health has been affected. Technically, the VA is authorized to provide financial support to veterans at a 100 percent rate if the disability prevents them from working. As our Virginia VA TDIU lawyer has explained to clients, if you have a service-connected disability that hinders your ability to earn a living, then you may be owed payments through a TDIU rating. To learn more about Individual Unemployability (TDIU), please contact Greg M. Rada, Attorney at Law, at your next convenience. Greg is a veteran himself and can empathize with the struggles and very real challenges that veterans can endure from their service.

TDIU Eligibility

There is a misconception many people have about TDIU eligibility. You may think that you can only receive benefits if you have one service-connected disability rating, two or more service-related disabilities with one being rated at 40% or more, or a total combined rating that equals 70% or more. In reality, when a veteran does not meet rating requirements but still cannot work due to their disability, the VA must consider giving the veteran an extraschedular TDIU. When the veteran’s case shows unusual or exceptional disability that interferes with employment or entails recurring periods of hospitalization that causes maintaining a regular schedule to be unrealistic, the VA should grant the veteran an extraschedular TDIU. Ultimately, if your disability renders you unable to keep a job, then it is worth pursuing TDIU with support from Greg, a Virginia VA TDIU lawyer you can depend on.

Initiating A Case

If you are a veteran, then you may be wondering if you are eligible for compensation. Receiving VA disability benefits will vary depending on numerous factors, which are unique to your situation and health. Greg can help you prepare needed documentation and strengthen your position so that you are set up to receive the benefits you deserve. Greg can go into further detail about your eligibility during a consultation. But generally, you have to meet the following criteria for VA disability compensation:

  • Have served in the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Space Force
  • The service must have entailed “active duty” responsibilities
  • You must not have been discharged under dishonorable conditions

Gregory M. Rada, Attorney At Law

During your consultation with Greg, be sure to bring as much information about your service and health as possible. Firstly, it helps to know all of your service-related disabilities and their respective ratings, in addition to your overall combined rating. Secondly, have your employment history from the past 5 years, such as type of work, employers, earnings, and explanation as to why your health prevents you from maintaining employment. Lastly, be familiar with your VA claim and appeal status. For instance, when did you last file a claim and what was the issued rating decision? If you are ready to get help from our dedicated Virginia VA TDIU attorney, contact Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law today.

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"Greg is an amazing lawyer that you should hire! I wanted someone who was also in the military and could understand how the VA system works to help me win my appeal for my TDIU benefits, and he managed to win my case. Thanks again!"
Pauline O'Connell
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