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Texas Veterans Disability Lawyer

Veterans Disability Lawyer Texas

Man wearing military uniform sitting in wheelchair talks to Veterans Disability Lawyer Texas who is taking notesA veterans disability lawyer Texas veterans trust can help disabled veterans get the benefits they deserve under the Veterans Administration’s rating system. If you are disabled, your disability compensation may be reduced depending on other income you receive, such as social security disability benefits or workers compensation. Many disabled veterans do not understand how to calculate their disability rating, and so when their claim is reviewed by the VA, it results in lower monthly benefits than are deserved. An attorney can help make sure that your claim is complete, accurate and compelling so that you can get the most from your VA claim. Call Greg of Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law at (800) 955-8596 for a free case evaluation today!

Vets Applying for Benefits

Veterans looking for disability benefits need to apply with the VA for the benefit that is most appropriate for their needs. These veterans can be awarded service-connected compensation, and other benefits if they qualify. This can include, but not limited to monthly payments, vocational rehabilitation or job training assistance, home loan guarantees and mortgage insurance.

To receive these benefits veterans will first have to complete an application. The VA reviews applications on a continual basis and once accepted they are processed by that office’s disability compensating specialists who verify service-connection and rate degree of disability. Once all this is done a benefit decision notice will be issued which will outline the different benefits being awarded as well as the effective date of coverage for each one.

Applicants Need an Attorney

Many veterans live in areas where their disability benefits and veteran’s compensation are not enough to pay their medical bills and other expenses. In these cases, the veteran is entitled to a legal appeal to secure additional financial assistance, provided they can prove they were suffering from a service-related injury or illness before January 2003.

A Texas veterans disability lawyer has extensive knowledge of VA law and can navigate the application process for you. Working with an attorney will maximize your chances of winning and avoid costly mistakes that could otherwise leave you out of luck. A lawyer will also provide clear instructions on what documentation is needed and connect you with helpful resources if needed.

How Does the VA Decide a Claim?

The VA will decide how much a person gets based on the amount of time they served, their disability rating, and any money the VA says they can earn in the future. When a veteran applies for a disability claim, they’ll fill out an application with their Social Security number, VA ID number (if applicable), name, date of birth, address, phone number(s), mailing address if different from home address (all current) as well as contact information for two people who can verify information about the applicant. They’ll also need to provide proof of service, including the dates they served and military discharge papers, or DD-214. From there, it’s up to the claims representative at the regional office to decide whether or not to approve a claim.

An attorney helps veterans prepare their claim and handle all legal matters related to filing with Veterans Affairs Administration (VA). They know what kind of evidence is needed and are familiar with how VA regulations work. A lawyer also knows what documents are required by law so that all paperwork is properly filed and the vet has a better chance at getting benefits sooner rather than later. If you need a Texas veterans disability lawyer, call Greg of Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law at (800) 955-8596 for a free case evaluation today!