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He went through every single piece of paper in my file.

I have work with Gregory Rada thru various steps in my journey with the VA system. He has helped me win RAMP appeal and BVA. Trying to get 100% in the VA system or win an appeal isn't easy and I don't think I could accomplished it on my own. I have a Bachelor's degree, but I don't have a law degree. He has won quite a few claims for me. Claims that I didn't think we would win. If you want a great, friendly, knowledgeable lawyer that you can trust. Hire Mr Rada!!!!!


Mr. Rada truly is here to help the veterans...

and because he is a veteran himself, he knows and understands the problems that we face with the VA. He stayed in constant contact with me through every step of the process and he [was] very diligent and fast with working my claim.

ADAM E. (ARMY, 2006-11)

Greg gave my case a free consultation and following...

that, I decided to hire him. Since then he has discovered stuff and informed me of things I would not have known either working on my own or even with the local VSO. Well worth the fee to dig through your records and navigate the bureaucratic red tape.

BEN C. (AIR FORCE, 2002-14)

He took the time to go over 25 years worth of military (full/thick) medical records.

Mr. Rada took on my case and provide me with honest feedback, timely response, and diligent work. He took the time to go over 25 years worth of military (full/thick) medical records. His efforts, questions and his attention to detail lead to a positive result for me. We are very thankful for everything Greg has done for us. Hands down Greg made this process as smooth as possible. He kept us up to date with the case through the entire process. For any veteran that is looking for fair and honest results, contact Mr. Greg Rada, you will be impressed!


Greg helped me get the outcome I needed

Greg helped me get the outcome I needed when I appealed my claim decision. After that, he informed me of a benefit I was entitled to that I didn't even know existed. Through his hard work and dedication to getting me a positive outcome, I have been able to maximize my disability benefits. I highly recommend retaining Greg for your benefits claims. You will not be disappointed.


Hiring Greg Rada was the single best decision I have ever made.

Hiring Greg Rada was the single best decision I have ever made. He was extremely responsive during every phase of my case. If I reached out to him he always responded within 24 hours typically within a few hours. What is also unique about Greg is that you communicate directly with him every time - never anyone else. This is almost unheard of these days, but makes the unpleasant experience of the VA appeal process more manageable and so much less stressful. Also, through every step of the process Greg was extremely honest. He always explained each step in the process, the possible outcomes of each step as well as what the next steps were for each potential outcome. In addition, Greg never made promises that he couldn't keep and always gave excellent advice, but left the final decisions at every point in the process up to me. Finally, Greg is exceptionally knowledgeable about the VA disability appeal process. And when my case went in a direction that was unfamiliar to him, Greg contacted the Board directly to seek direction on how to handle the unusual situation, which ultimately led to winning my appeal. Hire Greg, you won't regret it.


Really amazing guy, straight talker, with you all the way, knows what he's doing and will fight for you! Also a disabled veteran himself. 🎖️


I was referred to Greg Rada and couldn't be happier.

I was a grunt with the 1st Cav in Viet Nam from 68-69. When I checked maps of Agent Orange spraying, it showed I was operating in areas of the heaviest coverage. In 2003 I was diagnosed with Renal cancer in my left kidney and had it removed. I thought of the multicolored water in bomb craters and the many streams and creeks I filled my canteen with. Applying for disability compensation from the VA I was denied claiming no connection between renal cancer and agent Orange. In 2016 my renal cancer had metastasized to my liver, pancreas, and left tibia. I again applied for disability and was again rejected with no known connection between renal cancer and agent orange. I was referred to Greg Rada and couldn't be happier. After hearing my story Greg assured me he could get me compensation. He took my case with no money from me and the only fee would be 20% of any back pay I received if we won. He hired a doctor specializing in VA claims including Agent Orange to provide a review of my claim and show the connection between Agent Orange and Renal cancer. From the moment I appointed Greg as my representative he handled everything. It took 6 months to process through the various review boards but in the end I received a 100% disability rating. I wish I had known about Greg in 2003. He always kept me informed as to what was going on and never asked for a nickel including the Doctor's fee until I received the settlement from the VA. Unbelievably, had I not received any money there would be no cost to me. I highly recommend Greg in his ability to represent Veterans.


I can’t recommend this company highly enough.

If you want to make absolutely sure you’re being awarded everything you deserve after a service-related injury or disability, After Service, LLC is for you. Greg and his team did a fantastic job. They know the VA’s regulations and stop at nothing to make sure that each veteran they serve is fully compensated. Greg was very communicative, updating me at every turn to ensure that I was informed and involved at every step. I can’t recommend this company highly enough. If you’re on the fence or unsure if you have a case for disability compensation, give Greg a call.


He will go through your record with a fine toothed comb

I had the pleasure of working with Mr Rada for several years since 2015 for my VA benefits. I advise anyone filing to seek his services. He is very thorough with his work and dedicated to serving his clients. He made sure I got all my benefits I originally claimed and wanted PLUS he found things in my file that were missed by others and ensured I received those as well. Compensation claims can take a very long time and can be stressful on a veteran unfamiliar with the process and he definitely relieves that tension. Excellent source of knowledge on how the system operates, regulations, and processes. He ensures every veteran receives every rating they qualify for and deserve and a denial doesn't stop him and he will keep pushing to max out the benefits. He will go through your record with a fine toothed comb and let you know what he can do for you. You won't regret utilizing his services and you'll be pleased with just how many things he can get for you.


Greg was an amazing person to work with.

Greg was an amazing person to work with. I never had to wonder how long it would take to hear back from him and he made my life so much easier with his knowledge of the processes. I would definitely recommend using After Service LLC. Thank you Greg!!!!


I will never forget you Greg.

I had the opportunity to have Mr Greg Rada as my V.A. attorney. He made my life 's future a land of milk and honey as we used to say in Vietnam. It's true there are good people who are sincere in wanting to help us veterans. I will never forget you Greg. When I was about to end my struggle with the V.A. Administration, you rescued me. Thank you and may God bless you. Semper Fi. Sam


It is good to work with a veteran like Rada himself. He knows the life of a veteran

Attorney Rada will give your claim 100 % attention. My claim was resolved very quickly in comparison to others. Mr. Rada always returned my calls and emails within a 24 hour period. It is good to work with a veteran like Rada himself. He knows the life of a veteran and what they endured. HE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!


I would definitely recommend using Mr. Rada for your VA needs. He is very knowledgeable and prompt on his responses.


Gregory Rada handle my VA claim with excellence and professionalism, I shall recommend him to the veterans that I know who needs an attorney to deal with there VA claims.


I battled with the VA for 5 years with no tangible...

results. On a great referral about 1 year ago, I requested help from Mr. Greg Rada on my disability claim. With his persistence, hard work, and due diligence I was able to obtain my 100% disability rating. I can't thank Mr. Rada enough for how much he helped me. Mr. Rada is a veteran himself so I felt a strong connection with him.

TOM S. (ARMY, 2000-05)

From our first phone conversation, until my...

recent award of a service-connected disability two years later, Attorney Rada always made me feel like I was his only client. His experience with negotiating the huge VA machine is, in my opinion, unparalleled. Were it not for Attorney Rada, I would have spent my last years suffering silently.

PAUL M. (ARMY, 1967-69)