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Victoria M.Rada

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Victoria Rada graduated law school in 2011 with an unwavering commitment to the welfare of others. Victoria began her legal career in Connecticut with an emphasis on collaborative family law. However, she spent the majority of her early career serving the Denver District Court, working in multiple pivotal roles. From clerking for a distinguished judge to assisting self-represented litigants, she has always understood the importance of guidance and support for litigants.

In 2014 her husband founded After Service LLC, fighting for disabled veterans. During that time Victoria was there too, silently supporting the growth of the firm and their family. Now she works alongside Greg at After Service, blending her legal experience with her intimate knowledge of the journey and victories the firm has seen over the years.

Attorney Rada completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of California Santa Cruz. After working for two years at a large Sacramento law firm she attended the University of Connecticut School of Law where she obtained her J.D. and met her husband. She now lives with her family in the foothills of Colorado and loves championing the rights of disabled veterans.



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University of California Santa Cruz

Bachelors in Legal Studies

University of Connecticut School of Law