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Veterans Disability Lawyer Virginia

As a Veteran of the United States Air Force, Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law understands how impactful it is for veterans to receive the financial support they need to live comfortably. He provides legal advice to veterans who are no longer able to work because of disability and/or injury sustained while participating in active duty. He focuses on Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and VA disability compensation appeals. His former service and attuned insight into the claims process is what sets him apart from other legal professionals. He is aware of the issues that can arise when people don’t get help prior to filing a VA disability claim. For this reason, he always encourages veterans to seek assistance when filing a claim so they have the strongest chance of approval possible. And when a denial happens, you can rely on him to be relentless in the appeal process. Contact our Virginia veterans disability lawyer today for further support.

Your Compensation Eligibility

Veterans are eligible for compensation if they were released or discharged from the military under certain conditions aside from dishonorable, their injury or disease was aggravated or incurred in the line of duty, and the injury or disease was not a result of their own misconduct or drug abuse. Through disability compensation, veterans receive financial support that can range upwards of thousands of dollars per month depending on their disability rating. Veterans who are severely disabled could be entitled to receive special compensation which can go above the 100 percent payment rate. It helps to have a lawyer who can go over with you the requirements involved and how to strengthen your application as much as possible. Our knowledgeable veterans disability attorney is ready to speak with you.

Requirements To Receive Benefits

Firstly, to receive benefits you will have to show evidence of your current disability. A veteran has to show that they are suffering from their condition. An illness or injury during service that did not have lasting symptoms is not eligible for compensation. Secondly, there must be evidence of an in-service event, injury, or precipitating disease. To prove that a condition was incurred from service is referred to as the “at least as likely as not” standard. The evidence must exhibit at least a 50% chance that the condition was the result of or worsened from service. Lastly, there must be a nexus between the condition and the in-service precipitating disease or injury.

Contact A Dedicated Attorney

You can rely on Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law to give you sound legal advice that strengthens your disability claim. He firmly believes that every veteran who has had their life and health changed due to service work deserves fair compensation for what they have been through. You committed yourself to giving back so that our country can be safe and protected. You have earned the right to compensation for an illness or injury that developed because of service. Please contact our dedicated Virginia veterans disability attorney for more information.

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"Greg is an amazing lawyer that you should hire! I wanted someone who was also in the military and could understand how the VA system works to help me win my appeal for my TDIU benefits, and he managed to win my case. Thanks again!"
Pauline O'Connell
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