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If you’re a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), it can be difficult to escape your symptoms, even in the peace of your home. Maintaining a job can be a challenge, and life outside of the military can feel impossible in the face of anxiety, hypervigilance, anger, depression, nightmares, and other symptoms of PTSD.

When you’ve sacrificed your mental and emotional health for the good of your country, you are entitled to VA disability compensation benefits for the rest for your life. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen – and often times, the VA denies disability compensation claims with seemingly no reason why. If the VA has denied your VA disability compensation claim, contact me, Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law. As a disabled veteran who has experienced the VA disability compensation claims and appeals process myself, I have the knowledge, experience, and passion to secure the VA benefits you’ve rightfully earned.

About My VA Disability Practice

My practice is dedicated solely to VA disability compensation appeals, and within my practice, I focus on veterans who are experiencing symptoms of PTSD and other psychiatric disorders, including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. I have the know-how and insight necessary to navigate the VA appeals process and maximize your chances of success. I represent veterans and their survivors throughout the country and ensure you receive the benefits you’ve justly earned.

You Need a Lawyer for VA Disability Compensation Appeals

The VA claims and appeals process can be incredibly frustrating, with the VA often making mistakes, overlooking evidence, or relying on inadequate VA examinations. To make matters worse, the VA does not satisfactorily keep veterans informed of their claim status. This is especially true for claims centered around psychiatric conditions such as PTSD, where the Veterans Administration commonly rejects claims due to lack of evidence linking the condition to your experiences on active duty.

Even with extensive experience in disability claims, the VA disability compensation claim process can take months or even years to complete – and making one simple mistake can result in years of delay. Most disabled veterans don’t have the time or energy to invest in such a lengthy process – especially if they are suffering injuries and conditions that severely impact their quality of life.

I can take these heavy burdens off of your shoulders and passionately present your case to the Veterans Administration, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims on your behalf to get you the benefits you rightfully deserve.

A Veteran for Veterans - Greg Rada is a VA Disability Lawyer Serving Veterans Across the Nation

I served in the
Air Force for six years.

Now, I represent fellow veterans against the Veterans
Administration, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals,
and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.
Veteran Experience and Disability Experience

With Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law, you can rest assured that you have a capable, knowledgeable lawyer by your side during the VA disability compensation process.

  • I am a veteran. I served in the Air Force, with over 100 missions in Iraq and 50 missions in Afghanistan. I can relate to the experiences of servicemen and servicewomen, and I understand the hardships you experienced during active duty and now in civilian life.
  • I am a disabled veteran. I have personally experienced the disability claims process, an ordeal that took a total of eight years before I finally received compensation. I believe it should not take anybody that long to receive rightful compensation for their sacrifices.
  • I regularly assist veterans and relate to their unique experiences. I am a member of various legal organizations advocating for the legal support of veterans, including the National Organization for Veterans Advocates, National Veterans Legal Services Program, and Colorado Lawyers for Colorado Veteran.
  • I communicate directly with you. When you call the offices of Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law, you only communicate with me. There are no secretaries, paralegals, or case managers to deal with – you communicate directly with me, and only me, about the details of your case.
  • It’s risk-free for you financially. I don’t charge a penny for the initial consultation and advance all case expenses until your appeal is won. If I lose your case, I personally absorb all expenses, making it all risk-free to you.
Contact Me for a Free Consultation

If you are a disabled veteran with no financial support, contact me immediately. My services are available to disabled veterans nationwide, regardless of social or economic condition. There’s no cost to you – even if you are homeless, I can help get you back on your feet, so you can focus on taking care of you without financial worry.

Veterans deserve someone by their side. When nobody has your back, you can count on me to give you support. If you feel you are unable to maintain employment due to one or more of your service-connected disabilities, call me today for a free consultation.



Mr. Rada truly is here to help the veterans...

and because he is a veteran himself he knows and understands the problems that we face with the VA. He stays in constant contact with me through every step of the process and he is very diligent and fast with working my claim.

ADAM E. (ARMY, 2006-11)

Greg gave my case a free consultation and following...

that, I decided to hire him. Since then he has discovered stuff and informed me of things I would not have known either working on my own or even with the local VSO. Well worth the fee to dig through your records and navigate the bureaucratic red tape.

BEN C. (AIR FORCE, 2002-14)

I battled with the VA for 5 years with no tangible...

results. On a great referral about 1 year ago, I requested help from Mr. Greg Rada on my disability claim. With his persistence, hard work, and due diligence I was able to obtain my 100% disability rating. I can't thank Mr. Rada enough for how much he helped me. Mr. Rada is a veteran himself so I felt a strong connection with him.

TOM S. (ARMY, 2000-05)


Step 1

Initial Consultation

We will discuss your case so I can understand your goals. If I can help you achieve your objectives, I will offer to represent you before the VA.

Step 2

Initiation of Representation

I will draft the representation paperwork and email it to you to electronically sign and date. Then, I will countersign the documents at which point I become your attorney.

Step 3

Claims File Review

Reviewing your VA claims file is the most important step because I may find previous errors that VA made in your case and because it guides us with how to appeal.

Step 4

Client/Attorney Conference

We will discuss the findings from my review of your VA claims file and then discuss the path forward regarding your appeal.

Step 5

Evidence Development

We will develop the evidence needed to win your appeal such as drafting lay statements, obtaining independent medical opinions, or obtaining vocational expert opinions.

Step 6

Submit Evidence and Argument

I will file your appeal with a legal brief and the evidence we developed. We then wait for the VA's decision.

Veteran Experience & Disability Experience

VA disability claims stemming from psychiatric conditions such as PTSD can be notoriously difficult to win. Although more than 20 percent of veterans serving in Iraq or Afghanistan are estimated to be suffering from symptoms of PTSD, the Veterans Administration can be incredibly selective (and at times seemingly random) in deciding who is eligible for benefits and for how much. In order to win service connection for PTSD, a veteran needs the following:

Service-Connected PTSD Requirements
  • A current diagnosis of PTSD by a medical professional. This includes a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other qualified mental healthcare practitioner. In this diagnosis, the doctor must provide a comprehensive report that details the specific reasons he or she believes the veteran has PTSD.
  • A link between PTSD and a stressor incurred during service. This is one of the most difficult requirements in a claim, as it must be shown by medical evidence that the veteran’s military service was the cause of his or her PTSD.
  • Credible evidence that the stressor occurred in service.

All three of these requirements must be thoroughly and exhaustively proven in your claim for service connection for PTSD.

And winning service connection is only half the battle. After the VA awards service connection, the VA will assign a rating based on the severity of PTSD symptoms. The VA, however, is notorious for minimizing symptoms and assigning a rating lower than what the veteran deserves. I ensure that all of a veteran’s symptoms are presented to the VA in a manner that forces the VA to award a higher rating.

You Deserve Maximum Recovery for Your VA Disability

I represent veterans in many types of VA disability compensation cases, including claims for traumatic brain injury, military sexual trauma, Agent Orange, and more. Compensation is typically determined by severity of your condition as reported by medical professionals – a process that can often underreport the impact your disabilities can have on your quality of life.

My insight and experience on the disability claims process gives me the ability to work with medical professionals to accurately, comprehensively report your condition and severity of your symptoms, in order to maximize recovery and give you the compensation you rightfully deserve.


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