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VA Migraine Ratings

VA Migraine Ratings

Veterans who suffer from severe headaches can probably attest to the interference migraines have in their everyday life, and help from a lawyer regarding VA migraine ratings may be necessary. Veterans in particular may suffer from truly debilitating migraines that do not allow them to work and go about their daily life normally. Due to the documented increase of migraines for veterans, it has become clear that VA disability benefits should be provided to veterans in need. It can be all the more frustrating to find out that your claim for benefits has been denied. If this is an issue you or your loved one is currently going through, we urge you to contact Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law immediately. After all, you sacrificed your life and health for the sake of the country, so the least the VA can do is offer you compensation so that you can be more comfortable. 

Your Migraine Rating

It can be useful to understand how the VA may rate your migraine headache. A diagnosis for migraines has a VA rating of 50% maximum. What this means is that someone suffering from a migraine may be able to receive up to 50% disability benefits due to this condition. But, this is not a rating given automatically. Someone with a 0% disability rating only has occasional migraines or symptoms that do not entail prostrating attacks. A veteran with a 10% disability rating suffers from migraines that involve prostrating attacks that happen every two months or so over the course of several months. A 30% disability rating would be provided if a veteran suffers from migraines that happen once a month on average over several months. A 50% disability rating means that migraines occur frequently with completely prostrating and prolonged incidents that result in severe economic hardship. 

Prolonged Period of Symptoms

Another consideration when it comes to VA migraine ratings is the prolonged nature of the migraine attacks. There is not a set amount of time that the VA has defined as prolonged, so there is subjectivity when it comes to assessing each migraine case. Gregory M. Rada would suggest keeping a journal to write down when there is an onset of migraine and how long it took you to recover. Documents like these can be used as evidence and helpful in showing to the extent your migraines impact your daily life and health. 

Getting Benefit Assistance

Sometimes you need a lawyer who is knowledgeable in VA migraine ratings to help your case get approved. We know that veterans get denied benefits they deserve to receive all the time, and how insulting this is to veterans who have greatly risked their own wellbeing to protect the country. If you want a lawyer who is relentless in advocating for your fair veterans benefits, then now is the time to call. Gregory M. Rada can get to work on your case without delay. Get the support you need for the sacrifices you have made by reaching out to Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law right away. 

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