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If you disagree with any decision that was made regarding your disability compensation amount, schedule a free consultation with the veterans disability lawyer Colorado veterans call upon to provide an exceptional level of service. Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law approaches the unique needs of each veteran on a personal level, handling every aspect of your case from initial intake to resolution. As a disabled veteran himself, he is able to empathize closely with other disabled veterans. 

Disability Compensation Requirements

Honorable Discharge & Disease or Injury

The first requirement a veteran must possess regards being discharged and having a disease or injury that is in some way debilitating. The discharge must be for reasons other than dishonorable discharge. Secondly, the disease or injury was suffered or aggravated in the line of duty. Lastly, the disease or injury must not be a direct result of the veterans willful misconduct or drug abuse.

Disease or Injury During Service

The second requirement a veteran must possess in order to qualify for disability compensation is evidence that the disease or injury is related to active military service. In a legal context, this requirement may be referred to as an in-service precipitating disease, injury, or event. By means of evidence, you must be able to prove the legal standard of “at least as likely as not” that your disease or injury occurred or was aggravated while you were actively serving. That means the evidence must demonstrate that there is at least a 50% chance the disease or injury occurred or was aggravated during service.

Nexus Requirement

The last requirement a disabled veteran must possess is the existence of a connection between the disabling disease or injury and the in-service precipitating disease, injury, or event. In a legal context this connection is commonly referred to as the nexus requirement for service connection. With the assistance of your Colorado veterans disability lawyer it must be demonstrated that a nexus exists between your disability and active military service. This requirement is essential, as failure to show the connection to service is the most common reason disability claims are denied.

Fee for Disability Claim Cases

Mr. Rada works on a contingency fee basis. There are no up-front fees in order to obtain his representation and payment is only required if a successful resolution is reached in your appeal. The fee is a reasonable percentage of your back pay award, and does not impact your future benefits.

Why Your Disability Claim May Have Been Denied

As your Colorado veterans disability lawyer from Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law may offer, did you know that almost half a million (VA) disability claims are left unresolved, without a verdict? Of course, it’s a major issue to have to wait that long to get compensation, when most people need it much sooner, but it’s another problem entirely to be wrongfully denied. By understanding what the reasons could be behind your claim denial, you can prevent being denied your right to receive veteran disability benefits.

The Department of Veteran Affairs handles the approval or denial of veteran disability benefits for injury, illness, or disability during their service. But ensuring that you receive monthly compensation is not the easiest feat. This department may refuse your request if you have failed to adhere to the protocols when filling out and submitting your claim. Those with rejected claims will be provided a denial code as to why this verdict was reached. You are allowed to file an appeal, but this can be a confusing process without help from a lawyer, like Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law. 

Failing to include needed information on your forms can hinder the odds of approval. With forms for VA disability, veterans are required to include information regarding their previous military service, their contact details, medical history, and evidence that proves the disability (such as photos or medical records). As your veterans disability lawyer may explain, not providing sufficient information or leaving an area of the application empty can limit the ability of the department to approve your claim. Make sure your documents are properly filled out, in completion, with supporting documentation or proof as needed. 

To receive benefits, you have to show that your disability was diagnosed. Just listing your symptoms may not be enough to conclude a diagnosis and get approved for benefits. Keep in mind that if you were exposed to chemical compounds that resulted in a mental illness, this is diagnosable and should not be disregarded. Psychiatric conditions can warrant VA disability benefits. Your doctor will have to explain how the mental health diagnosis relates to what you went through during your service, with medical records as evidence. 

If you received a message that your claim was denied because the service is not connected, it means that the rater did not consider the disability to be due to or worsened because of military service. Veterans are also reimbursed benefits with aggravated disabilities or injuries during their service years. To increase your chances of a successful approval, presenting more than enough medical documentation can help sway the outcome into your favor. 

As a veteran, you put your mind and body through hardship and what may have been grueling service. You deserve to receive benefits that allow you to live as comfortably as possible. If you need help filling out your veteran disability benefit application, or need to fight a wrongful denial, then contact a veterans disability lawyer.

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As a leading Colorado veterans disability lawyer – Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law represents veterans and their families at every level or the disability benefits process including the local Regional Office, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Mr. Rada approaches the unique needs of each client with care, consideration, and attention to the details. 

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3 Qualifications of Veterans Disability 

When you have developed a disability after being on active duty in the military and are experiencing issues getting the benefit amount you need, you likely need the help of a trusted Colorado veterans disability lawyer. If you are one of the many people who need the benefits, it is important that you receive the accurate amount to cover your many expenses. You may want to take action to make sure that you have met the requirements so that you can get the full compensation that you deserve. Here are the main qualifications that you should meet in order to receive disability benefits as a veteran.

You Have a Qualifying Injury or Disability

It is important to be aware that not every type of injury will make you eligible to qualify for veterans disability benefits. If you do not have an eligible injury, you will not be able to be approved to receive benefits. However, many eligible veterans still end up getting denied even if they do have a disability. There could be several reasons for this, such as missing medical documents, typos, and other types of errors or missing information. Organizing all of your legal documents can be hard to keep track of, but you can have a lawyer assist you throughout the process. 

You Have Previously Served in the Military 

You must have previously been an active duty member of any of the branches of military, which include the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard. You must submit documents that show that you were in the military. If you were injured while you were doing training for the military, you may also be eligible. Inactive military members who suffer an injury may also be able to receive disability benefits.  

You Need To Show a Link Between Your Service and Your Health Condition

In addition to having a qualifying disability, there are other criteria that you must meet in order to receive veterans disability benefits, as an experienced Colorado veterans disability lawyer can explain. Your injury can qualify as an inservice, preservice, or post service disability claim. You must be able to show evidence that your injury or illness was related to your service. 

If you are having an issue proving your qualifications, reaching out to an experienced lawyer can help. They can offer legal assistance if you are facing a variety of issues. If you believe that the compensation amount that you have been awarded is too low and does not reflect what you are actually owed, you can dispute the benefit amount. With the help of a trusted lawyer, you are likely to resolve the issue and obtain the amount that you deserve. 

As a disabled veteran, a lawyer understands your needs and how much you stand to lose if you are not able to get the compensation that you deserve. As a disabled veteran, you may be able to determine that you  Request a risk-free consultation with a trusted Colorado veterans disability lawyer who has represented many clients now if you need legal assistance. 

What requirements do I need to complete to file a claim? 

There are several requirements claimants planning to file a VA disability claim must fulfill, as a seasoned Colorado veterans disability lawyer can explain to you. You must have served in the military as an active service member, which also includes days completed in basic training. Veterans must be able to provide enough evidence showing that their disability resulted from their activities as an active duty member. In special cases, the dependent family members of a veteran may also be eligible to receive compensation. If you would like to learn more about the full requirements, you can consult a lawyer for more detailed information.   

Can my disability rating be adjusted? 

Some veterans applying for disability claims may not be aware that their disability rating can be modified if they experience some kind of change in their condition or expenses. Veterans whose disability has increased to a higher level can have their rating adjusted to reflect their current health condition. Claimants can visit the VA office to request an adjustment to their rating. Once they request the change, the VA will conduct a detailed review and assessment of the disability. If you would like assistance requesting a change to your rating, you can ask a VA disability lawyer for personalized assistance with the claims process. 

Can I request an appeal if my claim is denied? 

Say that you have gone through the long process of filing a VA disability claim and finally submit your claim. However, you later find out that despite meeting the requirements and submitting everything that you need to, your claim was still denied. If you believe that your claim was wrongly rejected, an experienced and qualified Colorado veterans disability lawyer such as one from Gregory M. Rada, Attorney At Law can fight for you and examine your case. They can evaluate your case to see what went wrong and the reason why your claim may have been denied. In many types of cases, a simple error occurred, like a missing document such as a medical or treatment record.  

What are some examples of disabilities that qualify?

Wounds, illness, or mental health disorders can be considered a qualifying disability. Common types of injuries include head injuries, leg injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You need to be able to provide enough medical records and documents that detail your treatment. Don’t forget to include documents that explain how long you were in your service for, as well as other types of legal forms that you are asked to provide.  A skilled and experienced lawyer who has helped clients filing disability claims can provide you with further details regarding qualifying disabilities. 

Why is it worth hiring a VA disability lawyer? 

Filing a claim for disability benefit can be a complex process. You may not be aware of the full requirements, or you might have trouble understanding the legal terms and conditions that you must fulfill. All of these can be obstacles to getting the compensation amount that you deserve and are eligible to receive. If you would like to maximize your benefit amount, the best thing that you can do to increase your chances is to hire a lawyer who specializes in VA disability claims. They will be able to offer legal support with every aspect of the claims process. You can turn to a Colorado veterans disability lawyer who is there to give you quality legal assistance that you need, so call Greg at (800) 955-8596 for more information

Does every injury or illness qualify me to receive compensation?

Many veterans have some kind of wound, injury or illness that qualifies them to be eligible to receive disability benefits, as a Texas veterans disability lawyer like Gregory M. Rada, Attorney At Law can explain to you. However, not every injury or illness will be eligible to be covered. For instance, if a veteran suffers an injury that is a result of their own misconduct that violates military policies or laws, then their condition will not be eligible for compensation. If a veteran sustains an injury as a result of horseplay while they were an active duty member, then their injury would disqualify them as well. If you are unsure whether your disability qualifies, a lawyer will be able to help you. 

What do I need to show to dispute my benefit amount?

Many claimants face the issue of receiving a low benefit amount. If you have concerns about your benefit amount, such as if it is too low or much lower than you believe that you are entitled to, a lawyer will be able to help you. Many applicants run into the issue of getting a much lower amount for compensation than they are actually entitled to. You may have the evidence to back it up, but are missing documents or additional information. In these cases, a lawyer can review your situation and determine what you need to show in order to have your benefit amount reviewed. 

Are mental illnesses accepted for VA disability benefits?

In addition to disabilities caused by physical injuries and serious chronic illnesses, certain mental health disorders may also qualify you to receive benefits. Some of the most common disorders include post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and other debilitating mental health problems, as a qualified Texas veterans disability lawyer can explain. You will need to submit evidence that you have been diagnosed, are undergoing treatment and other related paperwork to show that you are disabled by your mental health disorder. There are just several categories of mental health conditions that make you eligible to be a recipient of benefits, so be sure to check if your condition falls under one of the categories. 

Why should I hire a lawyer to assist me with a disability claim? 

When you hire a lawyer to give you help that is specific to your situation, you have a much better chance at getting the highest possible benefit amount that you could get. Many people choose not to hire a lawyer because they think that they are able to get the compensation on their own and do their own research, however, a lawyer will be able to give you personalized help. Handling a disability claim is not always simple and easy to understand, and you may not be able to comprehend every aspect of your case, so it is best to hire a lawyer who understands the process and can tell you specific information about your case and rights. 

Can dependents receive benefits? 

While many veterans are able to qualify for VA disability benefits, other people who may be eligible include the dependents of certain veterans. The dependents who receive benefits may be related to a living veteran, or a family member who had previously served in the military and has since passed away. There are unique situations where the dependents of living veterans must receive regular monthly benefits. These are reviewed on a case by case basis, so check the requirements to make sure that you are also eligible. A Texas veterans disability lawyer can explain more information about these types of cases and whether or not you will be able to qualify, so call Greg at (800) 955-8596 if you need legal assistance with a claim





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