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Colorado Veterans Disability Lawyer

Veterans Disability Lawyer Colorado

If you disagree with any decision that was made regarding your disability compensation amount, schedule a free consultation with the veterans disability lawyer Colorado veterans call upon to provide an exceptional level of service. Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law approaches the unique needs of each veteran on a personal level, handling every aspect of your case from initial intake to resolution. As a disabled veteran himself, he is able to empathize closely with other disabled veterans. 

Disability Compensation Requirements

Honorable Discharge & Disease or Injury.

The first requirement a veteran must possess regards being discharged and having a disease or injury that is in some way debilitating. The discharge or release must be for reasons other than dishonorable discharge. Secondly, the disease or injury was suffered or accentuated in the line of duty. Lastly, the disease or injury was not a direct result of the veterans willful misconduct or drug abuse.

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Disease or Injury During Service

The second requirement a veteran must possess in order to qualify for disability compensation is evidence that the disease or injury happened while serving. In a legal context, this requirement may be referred to as an in-service precipitating disease, injury, or event. By means of evidence, we must be able to prove that your disease or injury occurred or was aggravated while you w

ere actively serving in accordance with the standard known as “at least as likely as not”. Evidence must demonstrate that there is at least a 50% chance the disease or injury occurred or was aggravated during service.

Nexus Requirement

The last requirement a disabled veteran must possess is the existence of a connection between the disabling disease or injury and the in-service precipitating disease, injury, or event. In a legal context this connection is commonly referred to as the nexus requirement for service connection. With the assistance of your Colorado veterans disability lawyer it must be demonstrated that a service connection exists in order to achieve the most desirable outcome for your claim or appeal. This requirement is essential, as failure to show the connection to service is the most common reason disability claims are denied.

Fee for Disability Claim Cases

Mr. Rada works on a contingency fee basis. There are no up-front fees in order to obtain his representation and payment is only required if a successful resolution is reached in your appeal. The fee is a reasonable percentage of your back pay award, and does not impact your future benefits.

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As a leading Colorado veterans disability lawyer – Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law represents veterans and their families at every level or the disability benefits process including the local Regional Office, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Mr. Rada approaches the unique needs of each client with care, consideration, and attention to the details. 

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