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Fundamental Rules Used By The VA In Rating Disabilities

Posted by Gregory M. Rada | Disability Compensation

The Veterans Affairs (VA) assigns veterans a disability rating by comparing the severity of a service-connected disability to the Schedule for Rating Disabilities. That rating is then “combined” with a veteran’s other ratings to determine their total combined rating. The total combined rating is then used to determine the amount of compensation paid monthly to a veteran.

The VA assigns a disability rating based on all the evidence of record, including:

As mentioned above, if a veteran has multiple disabilities, the VA will “combine” the ratings of those disabilities to determine the veteran’s “combined rating.” A combined rating is not based on the simple addition of all the service-connected disabilities; instead, the VA uses a Combined Ratings Table to determine the combined rating.

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Veterans Disability Benefits FAQs

What are Disability Compensation Benefits?

VA disability compensation benefits are a monthly payment made to a veteran when they have a disability that is related to active military service. The payment rate for a combined rating of 10% is approximately $140/month, while the payment rate for a combined rating of 100% is approximately $3,000/month, with varying rates in between.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Claim Veterans Disability Benefits?

In order to maximize the benefits you deserve, you should engage legal help if your claim was denied or if you believe the VA failed to rate your disability accurately.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible for VA Disability Benefits?

You may qualify for VA disability compensation benefits if you are suffering from a current injury or illness and you meet certain eligibility requirements under VA rules.