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Category: Health Benefits

Basic Eligibility Requirements for VA Benefits

Posted by Gregory M. Rada | June 22, 2021 | Disability Compensation,Health Benefits,State Veteran Benefits

Each VA benefit – health care, disability, pension, education, housing, etc. – administered by the VA has its own unique eligibility requirements but there are basic eligibility requirements common to all VA benefits. The most common requirement is whether you are a veteran, and some benefits look at whether you had wartime versus peacetime service… read more

Rules Regulating the Reduction of VA Disability Ratings

Posted by Gregory M. Rada | June 19, 2021 | Disability Compensation,Health Benefits,State Veteran Benefits

A VA disability rating is not truly protected until it has been in effect for 20 years or more. At the 20-year mark, the VA cannot reduce a rating unless it determines that the rating was based on fraud. Prior to then, however, there are certain situations where VA can reduce a disability rating if… read more

VA Expands Mental Health Care for Veterans with Other-Than-Honorable Discharges

Posted by Gregory M. Rada | August 24, 2017 | Health Benefits

In a change to longstanding policy, the VA will now provide emergency mental health care to veterans with other-than-honorable (OTH) administrative discharges. As of July 2017, all former service members suffering from a mental health emergency may access the VA health care system by visiting a VA emergency room, an outpatient clinic, or a vet… read more

VA Finally Rolls Out Burn Pit Registry

Posted by Gregory M. Rada | June 27, 2014 | Disability Compensation,Health Benefits

After years of pressure from lawmakers in Congress, VA has finally rolled out an open burn pit registry by which veterans can document exposure to airborne hazards, including smoke from burn pits. The potential effects of open air burn pits were first raised in 2008, and since that time, hundreds of veterans have returned home with significant respiratory problems and… read more

VA Offering Dental Insurance Program for the First Time Ever

Posted by Gregory M. Rada | November 27, 2013 | Health Benefits

The VA announced earlier this month the start of the VA Dental Insurance Program (VADIP), which allows veterans who are enrolled in VA health care to purchase dental insurance through Delta Dental or MetLife. VADIP enrollment began November 15th with coverage starting January 1, 2014. Turn the page to see how to calculate your potential premiums for dental… read more