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Combined-Effects Medical Opinions for TDIU Claims

Posted by Gregory M. Rada | Firm News

Combined-Effects Medical Opinions for TDIU Claims

If a veteran has multiple service-connected disabilities and is unable to work and makes a claim for TDIU benefits, the VA can be required to obtain a medical opinion addressing the ‘combined-effects’ of the service-connected disabilities on the veteran’s ability to maintain employment.

However, the VA is not always required to obtain a combined-effects medical opinion, which could result in a veteran losing their claim for TDIU. In fact, VA is only required to obtain such an opinion when the facts show the opinion is “necessary to make a decision on the claim.”

When you are pursuing a claim for VA disability benefits, you will need to make sure your service-related medical conditions are all taken into consideration. By enlisting the help of a VA disability attorney, you can make sure all your records are in order and accessible through your file.

Presenting A TDIU Claim

Your VA disability attorney will review the details of your TDIU claim and your medical conditions, determining if a combined-effects medical report or opinion is needed. Often, your VA attorney will recommend hiring an independent vocational expert to provide a combined-effects medical opinion.

To find out the best way to proceed with your VA disability claim and to determine if a combined-effects opinion for TDIU is needed, enlist the help of nationwide VA disability lawyer Gregory M. Rada. Schedule your free case review today.