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What Never To Do In An Accident

Posted by Gregory M. Rada | Firm News

Getting into a serious car accident is a stressful situation. While it is understandable to panic after a serious car accident, you should try your best to remain calm so that you can think clearly about your next steps. Do not allow your emotions to get the better of you because it can affect how strong your claim is after an accident. You must be able to have the materials that you need in order to build a strong claim later on. One of the biggest problems that people run into is failing to do the proper steps when they get into a car accident. Familiarize yourself with the following things so that you can protect your legal rights.

Give misleading or exaggerated statements

Do not ever exaggerate any statement that you make when you are speaking with police or first responders. If you give false, exaggerated or misleading information after being involved in a car accident, you can be criminally prosecuted.  When you are given your statement when you are speaking to the police, be mindful about what you were saying and be specific without embellishing any facts. If you are not sure what you saw or cannot remember much from the accident, simply say you are unable to remember or don’t comment on it.

Apologize for your involvement 

It may feel like the right thing to do to own up to your contribution when you have been in a car accident, but you should be careful about what you say. This is especially true when you are speaking to any of the parties involved in the accident as well as to investigators. You can invoke your right to remain silent so that you do not accidentally say the wrong thing in the presence of other people. As a car accident lawyer can tell you, like one from Hall-Justice, anything you say can be used against you including admitting fault or apologizing if you are blamed for an accident.

Do not talk to witnesses 

Don’t forget to speak to any witnesses. They can have important information to give you from the area that they viewed the accident, such as the direction the vehicle came from and speed the vehicle was traveling in. obtain their contact information and statement so that you can give it to a lawyer, and they will follow up with them if necessary.

Take only a few photos

Take as many photos at the accident scene as possible. You should also spend the time to take photos of your injuries that you have gotten from the accident so that you can submit them as proof that you have been involved in a vehicle accident. With only a handful of photos, it will make it difficult for the lawyer to build a strong case for you, and they will have to consider other approaches. They may have to rely on less compelling evidence if you do not have many photos to back up your statements and submit as part of your car accident claim.

If you are in need of legal assistance for a car accident claim, call an experienced lawyer right away.