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VA PTSD Lawyer Virginia

U.S. military veterans earn many benefits for their service through the VA. These benefits include financial consideration for veterans who may be unable to work because of a disability. Disability benefits and Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits may be available for veterans who struggle with mental health and PTSD.

Getting your VA benefits isn’t automatic, though. Eligible veterans must submit an application, along with medical records and other supporting documentation, to the VA. Approval can take some time and may take even longer if your application is incomplete or has incorrect information. Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law, and his legal team represent veterans and service members throughout the state. A Virginia VA PTSD lawyer can help you pursue your VA benefits and file appeals for denied claims. Greg offers free initial case reviews, so call us today to book yours!

What Does A Virginia VA PTSD Lawyer Do?

If you develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to your service in the U.S. military, you could be eligible for benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA offers several types of benefits for veterans, including those whose disability pertains to mental health, not necessarily physical health.

Being eligible for VA PTSD disability benefits and actually securing those benefits may be more challenging than many veterans realize. The application can be confusing for many people, and collecting supporting evidence of your disability and its impact on your life may be overwhelming.

A Virginia VA PTSD lawyer can help you draft your initial application for VA disability or TDIU benefits, ensuring no inaccuracies or omissions delay your claim’s approval. You may need additional medical evidence to support your claim, which your lawyer can advise you how to secure. If your claim is denied, you have the right to appeal the VA’s decision. Your lawyer can draft that appeal and present your claim before the appeals board.

Getting The Benefits You Deserve As A Veteran

Proving that you suffer from PTSD and that its symptoms affect your life to the point where it’s debilitating and affecting your daily activities can be hard if you are not sure what kind of documentation or medical records will be acceptable to the VA. In addition, if you’re planning to apply for TDIU benefits, then you may need to prove that your PTSD symptoms prohibit you from securing and maintaining gainful employment.

This is where the help of a VA benefits lawyer can be invaluable. Attorneys who are familiar with the requirements for VA benefits and acceptable supporting documentation can work with you to ensure your application is correct and complete the first time. If you received a denial letter, give us a call. We can draft an appeal and present it on your behalf.

Skilled Legal Advice, Personalized For You

Do you need help getting disability benefits or unemployment benefits because of service-related PTSD? You’re not alone. The legal team at Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law, can help you file your initial benefits application or appeal a denied claim. You can learn more by calling Greg today for a free consultation!

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"Greg is an amazing lawyer that you should hire! I wanted someone who was also in the military and could understand how the VA system works to help me win my appeal for my TDIU benefits, and he managed to win my case. Thanks again!"
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