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VA Individual Unemployability Lawyer Virginia

You’ve always been able to take care of your family and support yourself, but now, something has changed. Perhaps you don’t have the same capabilities you once did, or maybe complications from an injury you suffered while enlisted have made it harder for you to get up and go to work. If you cannot work due to a service-related injury or a medical condition, then you may be entitled to claim Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TIDU) benefits from the Veterans’ Administration.

Securing these benefits may be more complicated than you think. Although you’ve earned these benefits, getting approved for them through the VA may be a challenge. Presenting the right supporting evidence can be tricky, and the application could be confusing for people unfamiliar with the VA’s requirements. We’re here to help. Call Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law, today for a free consultation about your TIDU claim.

How Can A Virginia VA Individual Unemployability Attorney Help Me?

U.S. military veterans may be able to claim TIDU benefits, even if the VA rates their disability as less than 100%. The VA permits a total disability rating due to service-connected disability or disease for veterans who are unable to secure or retain gainful employment. Even if your rating isn’t 100%, you may still be able to collect your TIDU benefits.

A Virginia VA individual unemployability lawyer can help qualifying veterans open a new claim or appeal an existing one. We work with disabled veterans across the Commonwealth of Virginia. You may be closer to securing TIDU than you think!

The TIDU benefit is one of the highest VA disability benefits, over $3,700 per month in a recent year. It’s usually close to the same compensation that a veteran may receive for a total disability rating. You may qualify for TIDU if your disability rating is at least 60% (for one condition) or a combined rating of at least 70% (for two or more disabling conditions related to your service).

Getting The VA Benefits You’re Entitled To

The VA may not grant your application for TIDU benefits on your first try. We see this a lot—an error or omission on your application could lead to months of delays or even a rejection. Your application must demonstrate that you are unable to maintain gainful employment because of the impact your physical or mental service-related condition has on your ability to perform your job duties (including being able to go, etc.).

We can help prove that you are unable to get a job or maintain employment or that the employment you’re able to get is not considered “sustainably gainful,” a definition that may be a little subjective. However, bringing medical records, job records, W2s, and other information with your application or appeal can strengthen your chances of approval.

Skilled Attorneys Ready To Help

Do you need help filing for your VA individual unemployment benefits, or have you had a claim denied and aren’t sure what to do next? We’re on your side! Call Greg today for a free case evaluation! He and his team can structure your application or appeal with strong evidence on your behalf and ensure that no errors or omissions delay your review.

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"Greg is an amazing lawyer that you should hire! I wanted someone who was also in the military and could understand how the VA system works to help me win my appeal for my TDIU benefits, and he managed to win my case. Thanks again!"
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