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VA Launches Online GI Bill Complaint System

Posted by Gregory M. Rada | Education Benefits

Veterans are now able to report schools that fail to follow the VA’s Principles of Excellence. This is an effort to identify schools that are taking advantage of veterans – either purposely, or inadvertently by failing to properly help veterans.

You can submit a complaint about an issue as long as it has to do with a school (or employer) failing to follow the Principles of Excellence, which are pretty broad. The categories of complaints include the following topics: recruiting/marketing practices, accreditation, financial issues (i.e. tuition/fee charges), student loans, post-graduation job opportunities, change in degree plan/requirements, quality of education, grade policy, release of transcripts, transfer of credits, refund issues, and a catchall “other” category. So, for example, you could make a complaint that your school trumped up your post-graduation job prospects (not so uncommon these days).

Veterans should really use this new complaint system as an entire industry of for-profit schools exists for the sole purpose of profiting from VA educational benefits. There are the less nefarious violations too — for example, where a school’s benefit counselors fail to properly explain benefits to veterans. All violations or suspected violations should be reported so these issues can be addressed and the VA can better deliver veterans’ educational benefits. To submit feedback to the VA and Congress about your school, please visit theĀ VA website.