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VA TDIU Lawyer Texas

If you have a service-connected disability that prevents you from working, Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law, the VA TDIU lawyer Texas veterans trust, is here to help. You could very well be entitled to a total disability rating based on individual unemployability (TDIU) if your service-connected disability prevents you from being able to work or be employed. 

Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law offers direct communication, and no fees unless you win. As a disabled veteran who has experienced the VA disability compensation claims and appeals process firsthand, Greg has the knowledge, experience, and passion to secure benefits you’ve rightfully earned. 

Proven Results & Direct Communication

Greg takes pride in helping other disabled veterans get results when they are needed most, handling every aspect himself, from intake to resolution. When you are represented by Greg, know that he will be readily available and communicate with you directly throughout every step of the way. Mr. Rada truly is here to help other veterans who are struggling with VA disability compensation issues.

TDIU Eligibility

As a veteran, even if your service-connected disability is currently rated less than the 100% rate, you may be entitled to receive payments at the 100 percent rating if your service-connected disability prevents you from being able to work. This is known as a “total disability rating based on individual unemployability” (TDIU or IU). If this is the case, speak with a trusted Texas VA TDIU lawyer, as the VA will likely have authorization to pay you at the full 100 percent rate. 

Upon application for a TDIU rating the VA will refer to two criteria to evaluate and determine if a veteran is eligible. 

  • The VA will consider a TDIU application if the veteran has one service-connected disability that is currently rated at 60 percent or more.
  • Or if the veteran has two or more service-connected disabilities with one of the disabilities being rated at 40 percent or more, with a total combined rating meeting or exceeding 70 percent.

Disabled veterans should be aware that there are exceptions to these percentage requirements that serve as alternative paths to a TDIU rating. If the veteran does not meet the VA percentage requirements stated above but is otherwise unable to work as result of their service-connected disability, the VA has to consider an extra-schedular disability rating of 100 percent. If we can demonstrate that a veteran who has a service-connected disability that is unusual or exceptional to the extent where standard scheduling protocols are inapplicable, the VA may consider granting a 100 percent rating.

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Greg represents veterans and their family members at every level of the VA benefits adjudication process including the local Regional Office, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, the Court of Appeals for Veterans’ Claims, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

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