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TDIU LawyerA VA TDIU lawyer from Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law  knows that as a Veteran, you may sometimes feel like you aren’t getting the support you deserve, especially after the sacrifices you have made for the greater good. You have given your emotional, physical, and mental health for your country, and are entitled to benefits for life. But unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. In fact, sometimes the VA denies disability compensation for what seems like no reason at all. If your claim has been denied, please contact me, Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law as soon as you can. I am here to support you, and am not afraid to strongly advocate for you.

TDIU is an acronym, standing for “Total Disability Individual Unemployability”. The rating was created by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), to help veterans who are not able to maintain employment because of disability. Veterans may be granted TDIU if they are not able to obtain or keep employment due to disability. 

When a veteran submits an original claim, or for an increased rating, they are assumed to be making a claim for the most benefits allowed. So what this means, is that if the veteran’s claim has evidence that suggests they may be unemployable because of a condition connected to service, then the VA must consider and add a claim for the TDIU rating. But without help from a lawyer who understands how the VA can fail to meet the needs of veterans, they may ignore vital evidence and not offer a proper rating. 

With assistance from a TDIU lawyer, I can give you a better understanding of your eligibility. Since it’s not automatic, there are criteria you must meet and prove. For instance, you have to show that you served in the Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Space Force, Air Force, or Coast Guard. You must have been discharged through honorable conditions, and your service must have entailed “active duty”.

Once you have an appointment scheduled with me, there are certain items to have handy. First, be sure to know what your service connected disabilities are and their ratings individually. It helps to also know your overall combined rating. Then, bring a  list of your employment history from the past few years, such as the type of work, employers, earnings, and how your disability and service are related. Please let me know when the last time it was that you submitted a claim, and what the result of that was, or if this is your first time filing. 

Veterans should be respected, but there are many ways that others fail to do this. Whether it is the general public that you come into contact with everyday, or the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), veterans deserve to be seen and supported in every way possible, particularly when their health has been directly adversely affected from their service. I understand this, and am proud to offer help to veterans in any way I can. For more information, please reach out to me, Gregory M. Rada, Attorney at Law, a TDIU lawyer you can depend on.

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"Greg is an amazing lawyer that you should hire! I wanted someone who was also in the military and could understand how the VA system works to help me win my appeal for my TDIU benefits, and he managed to win my case. Thanks again!"
Pauline O'Connell
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